Townsend continues to offer an array of traditional fabricating and machining processes. These services are provided as a standalone option or in conjunction with other manufacturing processes.


Townsend Machine has an array of welding processes to build, repair, and fabricate any part assemblies small, and large structures up to 40 feet in length.  TM has a small team of certified welders that can weld ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. Our fabrication shop features a 10 ton overhead crane and large bay doors to easily accommodate customer equipment and projects.


These two processes are not as strong as welding but allow strong joints between typically non-weld able materials. With the use of flux and filler metal similar and dissimilar metals can be joined. TM regularly uses these processes to assemble units that carry low pressure, corrosive gasses.


Vibratory Finishing is the process of tumbling component parts with stone, steel, plastic, or organic material media, in a circular vibrating drum to deburr and clean. The choice of media will define the surface finish result. Townsend offers these standalone services as well as in conjunction with manufactured products.


Time saving is a, non-dimensionally critical, finishing operation to create an even sanded surface appearance without having to buy excess stock to machine away. This process often applies to manufactured product that may need machined features but will allow rough stock dimensions. Post machining, these parts can be sanded in a time saver to create desirable surface finishes at reasonable cost to customers.  Different surfaces finishes scan be achieved based on the abrasive belts that are used. Townsend Can sand parts up to 6” wide on belt fed sanding machines.


Honing is an operation to remove very small amounts of material from, usually, hardened bores to create very precise, round, smooth bores for various engineering fits of mating parts. Townsend has the capability to hone parts from ½” to 1 ¼” diameter and up to 4” in bore length. This operation is offered as a standalone service and in union with complete manufactured components.

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