Quality and Precision are Automatic.


Quality work no longer sets a supplier apart from another, it is a requirement to be in the marketQuality assurance for our customer product begins before an order is received. Ensuring a proper method to inspect machined components is an essential step of the quoting process. When an order is received, adherence to customer requirements is maintained from the moment material hits the shop floor to shipment. Townsend can provide First Article Inspection Reports, Certificates of Conformance for all processes and materials, and detailed inspection reports as required. All of these procedures are outlined in our AS9100 Quality system. 


Your component parts and assemblies are often not complete without value added processes that require subcontracting. Precision grinding, gun drilling, heat treating, heaving forming and metal finishes are some processes we do not offer in-house but can provide based on our trusted supply chain. Placing customer parts in the proper manufacturing process is critical to cost savings, quality and timely delivery.

Metal Finishing processes are generally a protective finish or coating used to provide resistance from a products environment. Corrosion and wear resistance can be achieved with post machining processes such as; Anodizing, Zinc, Electroless Nickel, Oxide, Chem film, Dry film lube, PassivationElectropolishing, Chrome, Cadnium and paint. 



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