Townsend offers CNC Turning, CNC Milling, and CNC Swiss Machining.

Since 1984, Townsend Machine has incorporated CNC technology in order to efficiently and effectively meet the demands of the ever changing manufacturing climate.


CNC Turning is an efficient material removal process in which cutting tools are engaged in a workpiece as a machine revolves the material. Turning operations we regularly perform include; profiling, grooving, drilling, boring, face grooving, tapping, single point threading, rotary broaching, and parting. Most of our machines have the ability to perform milling operations as well. We can access up to 8 axes of a part.  

Our CNC Turning department allows us to manufacture Precision components in one complete operation to maintain competitive prices for our customer. Since 1984, Townsend Machine has been aggressively utilizing CNC Turning to complete Precision components for our customers’ needs.


CNC Milling is the process of using a combination of rotating tools with stationary vises and fixtures on a rigid machining center table or tombstone to produce geometric and organic shapes. Operations such as; facing, contouring, drilling, reaming, tapping, thread milling, helical boring, slotting, broaching, and surfacing can be performed in continuous operation. Townsend also has multiple machining centers with dual pallets to minimize machine idle time and maximize spindle up time for customer cost savings.


With capabilities to run up to 1 ¼” diameter, our 8 axis Star CNC swiss lathes provide us the opportunity to overcome Precision machining obstacles that may be present with traditional methods. Very high length to diameter ratio parts are easily machined while maintaining tolerances less than .0002”. The multi-tasking capabilities of turning and milling allow for complex precision machined components to be manufactured efficiently.


Automatic screw machines are mechanically operated, cam and gear driven, 6 spindle production machines that produce precision machined components with great efficiency. These machines break down the work of making one part, into six individual stations. With this precision machining equipment we have the ability to produce very high volume part runs with consistent quality at low costs to the customer.

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